Kanakuk Institute

The Kanakuk Institute exists to inspire young men and women towards godliness, equipping them with Biblical skills for a lifetime of ministry regardless of occupation.  Kanakuk Institute trains college graduates, while holding them to high standards, with the ultimate goal of sending them out into the world to advance the gospel.

The eight-month graduate-level program overviews the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and teaches approximately 20 books of the Old and New Testament.  In addition, classes in ethics, character, spiritual giftedness, and leadership help to give students a balanced education and worldview.  The faculty consists of 40-50 pastors, teachers, family counselors, & ministry directors from across the country.  Class projects include an outline of Biblical history and a personal belief statement, which allows students to identify and defend their convictions with Scripture.  Through partnerships with John Brown University and Dallas Theological Seminary, students can pursue a Master’s degree in Ministry or an MBA while at the Institute.

Students experience a community of believers as they live, serve, study, worship, and fellowship with classmates at the campus in Branson, Missouri.  Each will be placed in a small group to be mentored by staff and held accountable by peers.  Through local internships and community interaction, students have the opportunity to evangelize & disciple others.

With the application of Biblical truth and the maturing of godly character, each graduate develops a personal vision to impact the world for Christ.

Please check out our website at www.kanakukinstitute.com for more information.


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